Vermouth 101

Everything you need to know about vermouth.

Welcome to Vermouth 101, our guide to everything you need to know about vermouth!

Intro to Vermouth

boulevardier cocktailVermouth has a bad rap here in the States, but we’re determined to change that. As a fortified wine (wine that’s been mixed with a distilled spirit like brandy), it can be enjoyed in all kinds of creative ways. These guides break down the basics, from what it is to how to make it last.


Popular Vermouth Brands

what is vermouthItaly, France, and Spain are probably the most famous producers of vermouth, but it can be (and is) made just about anywhere. There are hundreds of great vermouth brands on the market today, and exciting new craft varieties are being released all the time. Use this guide to explore the classics and the modern masterpieces alike!


Popular Vermouth Cocktails

The Adonis CocktailWhile vermouth is often served neat or on the rocks as an aperitif, it’s also an essential ingredient in lots of classic cocktails like the Negroni, Manhattan, and Martini. Every brand has its own unique character, so it can be a lot of fun to experiment (for example, a Manhattan made with Carpano Antica is quite different from one made with Punt e Mes). Learn how to mix those recipes here and put your favorite bottle to good use!

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