camarena tequila reviewFamilia Camarena Tequila is relatively new to the U.S. market, but the company traces its tequila-making origins back 250 years. Located in the Highlands region of Jalisco, Camarena grows three million agave plants at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet. And from all that agave, they are producing two expressions of twice-distilled 100% agave tequila–a silver and a reposado. We’ll review both.

Camarena Silver Tequila

Camarena Silver Tequila is very peppery and vegetal on the nose, with a bit of citrus in the background. It’s smooth on the palate, with a tamer body than the nose indicates. The flavor bursts with more pepper and agave, and finishes warm but relatively quick and watery. It’s a pretty decent sipper, but will probably find more use as a mixer.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $20

Camarena Reposado Tequila

Camarena Reposado Tequila is a very light gold color, lighter than most reposados I’ve tasted. It’s mellow on the nose, with hints of agave, vanilla and pepper. Two months in American oak make the taste and body very smooth and buttery, plus add a bit of oaky sweetness and spice. The finish is warm and spicy, with more undertones of oak. There’s a lot going on in this tequila, and the intense oakiness is surprising, considering the reposado only spends two months in barrels. The wood notes overshadow some of the other desirable flavors, but at just $20, it’s a solid addition to your liquor stash.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $20


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  • Juan says:

    I have tasted a bunch of top shelf tequilas and Camarera is by far the smoothest and flavorful. I’m surprised the price is so low.

  • Michael says:

    Out of the 51 reviews that I’ve read only 3 negative! I guess we know who the Cuervo drinkers are. This stuff rocks! Regardless of the price.

  • A J Sadlier says:

    I am able to buy this locally at the county liquor store in Maryland, almost always on sale for $29.99 for the 1.75. Repo or silver. You really can’t beat it for quality/price in the 100% blue agave category. Keep in mind, Gallo now owns it, so the price point may go up as soon as the ad campaign stops! What’s that country song….Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off…..

  • garshev says:

    I’ve had more than my share of tequilas. Some great, some not so great. This is up there with the best and I mean the very most expensive. Those that poo poo it don’t have a clue.

  • CT Woman says:

    For the money you should opt for Espolon. The Camarena silver is harsh and only good as a mixer.

    I have been trying different brands and this one is now at the bottom of the list.

  • california woman says:

    i like to drink my tequila straight (no mixing; and for godssake, no shots!). this isn’t good for sipping. if you can find it, espolon (either the blanco or the repo) is much better for a few dollars more.

  • brant says:

    I drink only 100% agave tequila. And I’ve tryed a few different types. Including the way overrated patron. Don’t get me wrong patron may be good but Camarena reposado is by far my favorite. And it’s only 20 dollars. I drink it strait. No Salt no lime. If u drink quervo u don’t know what tequila is.

  • charles says:

    this tequila is horrible imo. for one i dont do shots (unless forced to at the bar) nor mixed drinks. i like to sip and enjoy the flavor but was talked into buying this today and wow i need to mix this with something!!! the worst tequila ive ever had ! i rather drink a cheap $5 flask which taste like limes and salt are in it lol

  • Scott says:

    Very pleased with the Reposado. I’m generally very picky with any alcohol and often pay more for quality; in this case I’m happy to say quality and good taste come at a reasonable price.

  • UtahBob says:

    I tried the reposada and would say it’s above average and a good bargain. Not top shelf but in this economy who can afford to have that stuff all the time. Spit it out? Not likley.

  • Hanna says:

    No, its not a top shelf and having only drank the silver I could see how its a bit rough for shots but you get what you’re paying for. You can’t expect something you’re buying at around $20 on average (I actually just got a bigger bottle half off on sale and I definitely am not complaining) to anything top shelf or on the level of Patron, that’s like comparing Budweiser to a real, true craft beer. You just don’t do it because its not even in the right ballpark. Its definitely better than Cuarvo, but not as good as Espolon. I’d buy it as long as its around this price and its perfectly adequate for making strong margaritas and not getting a disgusting bland tequila taste along with your lime.

    So pretty much, I agree with Bob. Stop expecting Chevys to run like BMWs, you get what you paid for and this is definitely good for what you’re paying.

  • Bob says:

    Holy crap to the complainers. I buy it for 15.99. I love it snd only mix it for mararitas but I’m not a connoisseur but at that price point what are you guys expecting? People that think Cuervo 1800 or Monteuzuma taste better than this aren’t tasting gasoline but sniffing it. I bet these are the same people that complain that their Chevy doesn’t run like a BMW.

  • Mike says:

    I have been sipping on a bottle of reposado for a couple of weeks and I am in love with the smooth vanilla up front and peppery finish. I will be buying this again.

  • Richard Curtis says:

    I just bought my second bottle of the Reposado, I like it. Certainly not a top of the line sipping tequila, but it’s (much) better than average for the price.

  • George says:

    Very good Tequila and its 100%, can;t beat the price for that.

  • Mary Frances says:

    the word reposado means rested, so its rested in oak, as in aged for 2 months. it has a fragrant bouquet and in a WORLD LIQUOR COMPETITION in Cali it came in NUMBER ONE ! of ALL the tequilas in the world, so perhaps you need to refine your taste buds some of you and try to be a little more sophisticated in your palette as you cannot put a spin on flavor and the world says the flavor is the best. The more variety of 100% pure agave tequila you try, only then will you be able to appreciate this fine , smooth sipping tequila with a nice warm finish.

  • Tampa Tap Room says:

    This is now our #1 selling tequila in the bar I’ve put it side by side with our Patron drinkers and they were unable to tell the difference. For us it’s $8 less to purchase then Jose Cuervo per bottle so it’s a no brainer

  • John says:

    Tried Camarena Silver for the first time tonight. Used as a mixer in Margaritas. Superb!

  • Johnny Boy says:

    Listen, I’ve tried them all. My favorite is Clase Azul, but for the money, you’ve got to be nuts not to REALLY enjoy the Camarena Reposado. After 40 years of tequila, it’s in my blood. For $20.00, “IT CAN NOT BE BEAT” For all those salt and lemon people out there, I understand their stupid appraisals. For US true tequila drinkers, I say, let’s hear your opinions on this. I’ll even pay the $20.

  • Scott says:

    For mixing I use Sauza. Great price point. Blends nicely with my mixer.
    The local liquar store (45 miles away) was out of the Sauza. They had the Montezuma and Margaritaville (now these are tequilas to use for rinsing the toilet bowl, before and after consumption).
    By chance I picked the Camarena, as it was only $4 more than my usual Sauza Gold.
    This Reposda is excellent as a bargain tequila! Love the strong oak and vanilla flavors. This may just be my new best mixer.

  • Kent says:

    Okay, seen the reviews and most don’t take into the account it’s 100% Blue Agave. The price is perfect and I after tasting shots straight out of the bottle it way better than most top shelf tequila. First, no harsh after bite throat and smooth. I even went back to get more bottle with a $3.00 off coupon and a free T-shirt is worth it. If you taking shots then I recommend it for people that don’t know good tequila. Second, it great for Margaritas. Remember, a couple of things. 100% blue agave your not going to get a hangover and second the cheap stuff isn’t 100$ blue agave and that is where most people have bad memories of tequila. So, for the price and flavor this is steal…..

  • Jack says:

    I love the resposado. Tried others and for the $$$ it is great sipping tequila.

  • Kevin says:

    As a long time tequila lover, who has spent many years in and around Mexico, I found the Camarena to be quite good. This from a person, who usually doesn

  • Thorsen says:

    Well the first two posters must work for the competition. I drink a lot of tequila and while I may not have a world class palate, I certainly know a good value when I taste it. This tequila may not be your top shelf, go-to tequila when you are doing shots, but as a mixer it is a definite value for the price. I admit to using Patron as a mixer for margaritas, but is has become so expensive I was looking for something else that could fit the bill and this tequila does. Far better than Cuervo at a lower price. This is my new margarita tequila.

  • Chris says:

    Got it for $11.99. Repasado is smooth and nicely warming. Patron just took a hit with me.

  • Augdogs says:

    Dead on review. Purchased the reposado $20 and took a shot at room temp. Spicy but was smooth and had a nice aftertaste.

    Great deal for quality shots. Anyone know if they have an a

  • gridvicious says:

    My daughter recommended this to me as a flask tequila for my ball games. That means straight up no lime no nothing but the exquisite sip. The daughter works with a liquor buyer for a major restaurant in Austin,Tx and this was her below the radar pick for a 100% blue agave tequila. I have to say for the price/ taste ratio you should forget Patron and go Camarena Silver.

  • Davey Harlidson says:

    I never have been a fan of tequilas, however I base that on the ones I’ve tried; you know, the popular most heard of brands such as Cuervo. Seems they, and others, have their own catch…such as made with blue agave. Never do you see them say made with 100% agave, neither on the bottles or on their website. I assume if you are used to non-pure 100% agave tequila, it wouldn’t appeal to a palate that has been accustomed to otherwise. I’m somewhat a fan of tequila now simply because I tried this 100% agave brand. Sure there are other brands, and I’m sure I’ll compare. Yet having already compared the price, if they being made with 100% agave have a very similar taste, for the money, how could I honestly say anything negative about this one? Not a connoisseur, just open minded. Good taste + good price = good stuff!

  • JB says:

    I got this tequila for Cinco de Mayo. I originally went to the liquor store intending to get a bottle of Patron, but the sales lady asked me to try this first. I was a bit skeptical since it was almost $20 cheaper than Patron, but it said on the bottle, “100% blue agave” so hey, what the hell? To say I was pleased is an understatement. I was AMAZED I got such a smooth, clean tasting tequila for that price. Even my husband was amazed. I’m drinking it now as I type this and I agree with everyone regarding Nina and Reuben’s reviews. If you’re trying to compare Camerena to Jose Cuervo, you obviously have never had a TRUE tequila enough times to appreciate it. Jose IS NOT a true tequila…it’s corn alcohol so basically vodka with some coloring.
    I’ll stick with Camerena, thanks.

  • TGGraves says:

    Fucking A. For the price this is damn good tequila!

  • Reverand Bill says:

    Nina and Reuben may have went silver, as I too had the same reaction. On a recommendation, I went with the Reposado, and the the difference is immense. On the rocks with a lime wedge makes it a terrific everyday tequila.

  • AmyD says:

    Not a fan of this tequila. I’m neither a tequila snob nor a bottom feeder but this one is far below acceptable in my book. It’s been relegated to “margarita tequila” (right along with Cuervo) around my house. I’m a huge fan of Milagro and Cazadores. I have a fondness (but not the budget) for Patron. But, this one just didn’t please my not-so-picky palate.

  • Greg says:

    I bought a bottle of the stuff for 12.99 & I have no complaints, I would have gladly paid 20$ for it.

  • Bobbies problem says:

    Although I am no self proclaimed aficionado of tequilas I have found the repasado to be quite enjoyable for the price. I’ve had the Patron’s and have not found a discernible difference in palate.

    Just my 2, uninformed, cents

  • John says:

    The silver makes great margarita’s and is definitely OK to sip. It is so much better than Cuervo. Frankly I find it’s not far off Silver Patron which I think is over rated. Camarena is a steal right now making it is a waste to use Patron in a margarita ! Unfortunately expect to see the price to go up with market penetration. My family each brought one bottle back from Hawaii to Canada(all were allowed)given value to quality .

  • Jim says:

    Great tequila for margaritas, best mixing tequila I have found yet. For the price you can’t beat it.

  • Doogie says:

    Picked up the silver and the reposado for $14.99 locally. The silver is exotic, vegetal, pungent – – maybe too curiously assertively cactus in flavor to make it sippable by itself – – but some lime gives it sweetness and citrus that rounds it out great. The reposado tweaks the palate gentle but full of character – – some reposados are dull caramel blandness, but this one is creamy but still piercingly exotic. These tequilas have the true flavor of agave and are the real thing – – I will run back and buy up a whole bunch at this price to save for the next decade or two (since tequila prices continue to go nuts). You can play with them with ice and citrus or other mixes and have a grand time. In any case, as others have said, they are a real steal.

  • Garrett says:

    I was delighted at the first taste of the repo; a slight agave note in its sweetness and a smooth vanilla oak, almost buttery in texture… And no burn! Just a pleasant heat. It’s a new bargain sipper I’m not afraid to share with friends… I’ve taken to serving it in champagne flutes…

    The blanco/silver is nice being 100% blue agave and knowing I’m getting some quality for only 20 bucks, but I keep that around just for mixing up some ‘Rita’s…

  • cowboy says:

    I bought the silver and the repo on the recommendation of a woman in the store. For mixing it is ok i guess. the repo that i tried to sip on got mixed into a cocktail. I think that is the worst 100% agave that i have tried. it almost makes me sick to sip it. very artificial and or chemical taste.
    dos lunas or republic is about 5-10 bucks more and well worth it.

  • Sergie A says:

    I’ve had more than a few silvers/blancos and this is a great deal. I’d put it just under Don Nacho (great) for the price range. I do use it as a sipper since I don’t do mixed drinks. Great peppery/agave taste, clean, short finish. To even compare this to especial or montezuma shows you have no clue when it comes what tequila should taste like, particularly a blanco/silver.

  • Nacho says:

    I tried the reposado this weekend and it was awesome. I was looking for Casadores but the store clerk told me they did not have any but had something similar to it I decided to try it. Based on the price I thought it was going to suck but to my suprize I was very pleased with the Camarena Reposado tequila. Heck it came with a money back guarantee so there is nothing to loose.

  • michelle davis says:

    love this tequila, way better than 1800 or cuervo,

  • beth says:

    I am a top shelf tequilla drinker but I tried this tequilla(silver) and honestly I thought it was pretty damb good especially for the price, and the next day no hangover!

  • John says:

    Nina and Reuben’s palates are probably so used to shots of Cuervo Gold that when they taste a real tequila (100% agave) they think it tastes like sh*t. For $20 this tequila is a steal.

    • I agree. I am a bourbon drinker but I love the sweetness of blanko tequila as a sipper. Not great by no means but 5 to $7 less than 1800 so I can save my money for El Tesoro or Casa Noble

  • jack fisher says:

    Tried both the repo and silver and for the price was pleasantly suprised. Only $2.00 more than cuervo, Camarena is my new go-to.

  • aggitt says:


  • Nina and Reuben, were you drinking the silver or the reposado? I could see why someone wouldn’t like the silver, as it’s intensely vegetal and peppery. But still, those are fairly common flavors found in tequila, and ones that many people enjoy.

    I like the silver just fine, but do consider it more of a mixer. But as always, to each his own. If we all liked the same stuff, then drinking would be boring.

    • Felix Camarena says:

      I agree to each his own. I personally like them both silver is a great addition as a mixer and reposado straight up or on the rocks is GREAT!

  • George says:

    Interesting.. I think Camarena is pretty good. It’s not great, but for $20 it’s definitely a good tequila. I think so anyway. I wonder if you both somehow got a bad bottle. That’s probably unlikely, but I’m surprised you’d spit it out or compare it to Montezuma.

  • Reuben says:

    I couldnt agree more with Nina. I have tried all types of alchol and this is the first shot I ever spit out. Montezuma is even a better tequila and that stuff is nasty as well. This deserves a -5 star rating as it is like drinking gasoline. Get 1800, Cuervo, or Patron instead.

  • nina mirco says:

    I love tequila and this is the worst I have ever tasted. I felt I was drinking a toxic substance like gasoline. For me to pour a $20 bottle down the drain means it is really disgusting!!!

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