Camus is a prolific maker of Cognacs, registering as the fifth largest Cognac house in the world. But until recently, Camus Cognacs weren’t available to the U.S. market, and it’s still a mostly unknown brand inside the states.

Camus produces a handful of product ranges including Excellence, Rarissimes, Borderies and the Masterpiece Collection. Sitting near the top of the Excellence range is Camus XO, the focus of this review.

XO or ‘extra old,’ designates a blend in which the youngest brandy is aged for no less than six years, but often is aged upwards of 15 or 20 years. Camus XO Elegance is fairly light on the nose, with lots of sweet fruit upfront. Some wood balances the fruit, but the wood character is less prominent than many XO Cognacs. Drink up to find notes of dried apricots and honey, plus a touch of flowers and spice. It finishes long, dry and clean, with just a hint of vanilla.

Camus XO Cognac is pretty representative of the Camus style of Cognacs in general – lots of fruit, light oak. It’s a pleasant, easy-drinking, subtle Cognac that’s suitable for everyday sipping, should your budget allow it.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $120


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