dulce vida lone star edition tequilaDulce Vida — the tequila-makers who produce a line of organic, 100 proof tequilas — launched a “Lone Star Edition” anejo tequila early last month. This project includes a collaboration with the Garrison Brother’s Distillery, a Texas-based outfit that’s making small batches of bourbon. Dulce Vida is using 10-gallon Garrison Brothers bourbon barrels to age their tequila, and they’re then releasing the spirit in limited quantities — just 600 cases, to be exact. We got our hands on a bottle from batch #15.

Dulce Vida Lone Star Edition Tequila pours a straw-gold in the glass and has aromas of agave, pepper and oak. On the palate it’s very woody, as the small bourbon barrels impart tons of oak notes to the spirit. There are some typical bourbon hints, like caramel and vanilla, plus lots of spicy heat — everything from habanero peppers to cinnamon — that mingles with some mild and cooling mint. The finish is long and dry, with savory notes kicking in toward the end.

“Our bourbon barrels are handmade to our specifications – extra thick staves, toasted first and then charred to our proprietary specifications, and then they soak in our rich bourbon under the Texas sun for years before we set them free.”
— Dan Garrison, Garrison Brothers Distillery

This is one flavorful tequila. It’s not uncommon for anejo tequilas to spend time in used bourbon barrels — it’s actually very common — but the small, 10-gallon barrels from Garrison Brothers impart more woody notes than a typical barrel. This Dulce Vida has a rich, full mouthfeel, and drinks big and brash.

This release is only available in Texas, so should you find yourself in the Lone Star State, act fast. Those 600 cases won’t last for long.

– 50% Alcohol by Volume
– $75


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