el tesoro anejo tequilaEl Tesoro de Don Felipe makes a range of quality tequilas, including the Añejo, which is aged between two and three years in oak barrels before bottling.

All El Tesoro tequilas are hand-crafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where the estate-grown agave plants are cooked the old-fashioned way – in large brick and stone ovens called hornos. After the agave hearts are crushed and the juices are extracted, the tequila is double distilled straight to 80 proof. For comparison, most tequilas – and spirits in general – are distilled to a higher proof and then diluted with water to achieve the desired alcohol levels.

The result should be an authentic tasting tequila that highlights the agave. Let’s take it for a spin.

El Tesoro Añejo is a golden amber color and presents aromas of earthy agave, spicy pepper and sweet vanilla on the nose. Flavors include more agave, oaky caramel and almonds. It’s full-flavored and well-balanced, and finishes long and dry.

This is a fine sipping tequila. An ice cube brings out more of the sweet flavors, and there’s application in cocktails like a tequila old fashioned, but we prefer drinking this one neat.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $40

CE Rating: ★★★★


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