partida reposado tequilaPartida Reposado Tequila is part of the 100% agave Partida lineup that also includes blanco, anejo and extra anejo tequilas.  The reposado is aged for six months in used whiskey barrels and, according to some spirits experts, is one of the finest reposado tequilas in the world.

Upon nosing the tequila, the lack of smokiness—a scent found in many other reposados—is very apparent.  With a smooth agave scent, plus some nuttiness and slight wood notes playing in the background, the Partida is very subdued and hides its alcohol well. Take a sip and taste mild pepper, cooked agave, minerals, almonds and sweet oak. The finish is sweet and buttery, with a slight peppery bite.  Partida Reposado is very easy to hold on the palate and exhibits no burn going down.

While many reposado tequilas fare well in cocktails, most drinkers will be happy sipping this one straight.  Its smooth, rich flavor needn’t be masked by lime juice or other mixers.

Overall, Partida Reposado is a very solid tequila and one of the better reposados I’ve tasted.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $55


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