peligroso reposado tequilaPeligroso makes a trio of tequilas — silver, reposado and anejo. Each is distilled from blue agave that’s grown and harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave hearts are steamed in brick ovens, and then distilled in copper and stainless stills. From there, the tequilas are aged in used Tennessee whiskey barrels. In the case of the reposado, it’s matured for six to eight months.

Those months in white oak give Peligroso Reposado a pale golden color. On the nose, it’s agave-forward with notes of vanilla, mild caramel and light spice. Flavor wise, you’ll find cooked agave, more vanilla and some faint chocolate. It finishes clean and dry with lingering hints of black pepper. That’s some pretty good stuff. At 84 proof, it’s impressively easy to drink, and it all goes down with a balanced fullness that politely asks for another sip.

One interesting note about Peligroso is that each expression is bottled in a different type of glass. The silver is housed in a crystal clear flint glass, while the reposado (pictured) uses a rustic finished glass with more of an antiquated look to reflect its age. And the Añejo is bottled in satin black glass. So there’s that.

– 42% Alcohol by Volume
– $45-50


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