Texas-based Republic Tequila makes a range of 100% agave, certified organic tequilas. Distilled in small batches at La Quedmada, one of Mexico’s only organic distilleries, Republic is the boozy offspring of Texan Tom Nall and a Scottish gent named Ken MacKenzie.

The Republic Anejo Tequila is aged in used Jack Daniel’s barrels for 20 months, which imparts lots of color and flavor into this spirit. On the nose, the tequila is full of pepper, agave, oak and fruit. The taste is milder than the aroma, with notes of sweet vanilla blending nicely with dry oak, plus more agave and hints of chocolate. It’s very smooth with no discernable burn, and it remains soft on the palate. It finishes very clean.

I prefer to sip my anejo tequilas, but the Republic fares pretty well in a tequila old fashioned. It may work in other spirit-forward cocktails, if you’re so inclined, but beyond that, you’re just muddling the flavors of good tequila.

Overall, this is solid stuff. Throw in the Texas-shaped bottle, and it’s enough to make any Texan proud.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $45


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  • jake t says:

    Ha, awesome. As a Texan I’m ashamed that I haven’t heard of this before. Price is kinda steep though, but I guess most anejos are. I’ve been drinking the Milagro anejo recently, which I like, But might have to switch to Republic next trip to the liquor store.

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