zombie dust pale ale

It’s that time of the year. The temperature’s heating up and you need something to cool down. Cold beer comes to mind. On that note, let’s introduce the first installment of Summer Cooler, where we recommend beers — from IPAs and saisons to sours and wits — that you’ll want to drink this summer. Now, let’s get to it.

First up is Zombie Dust, an American Pale Ale (APA) brewed by the talented crew at Three Floyds Brewing in Munster, Indiana. While it is technically labeled an APA, Zombie Dust is considered one of the world’s best IPAs. In the glass, it pours a dark amber gold color with a foamy head, and it’s loaded with Citra hops, which are in turn loaded with alpha acids. This means a strong, bitter flavor with notes of citrus and fruit. The hoppy aroma is off the charts, with an extremely herbaceous profile, so you can practically smell the bitter bite. But in addition to all the hops, there’s a yeasty bread component that gives this beer a balanced character.

Sitting at a refreshing 6.4% ABV, Zombie Dust is a great session beer, which simply means it’s got a relatively low alcohol content and can therefore be enjoyed in larger quantities. We can personally attest to the veracity of that statement. So get your hands on some Zombie Dust quick, because Three Floyds releases this beer as fast as they can brew it, and then it’s usually gone the same day.

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