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Tamworth Distilling is a New Hampshire-based operation that’s making a unique roster of spirits, from gins and vodkas to white whiskey and infusions. Behind the distillery is Steven Grasse, the creator of Hendrick’s Gin and a man who’s no stranger to experimentation.

Their recently launched Flora Gin is the second in a line of seasonal “Garden Gins” (the first being Apiary). Flora Gin employs wildflowers and raw honey in addition to some of the usual suspects. In this case, they’re adding aromatics from geranium, lemon verbena, red clover, labdanum and linden flower alongside your juniper, coriander and angelica. Because these ingredients are infused prior to distillation, rather than vapor distilled, the result is a flavorful and complex gin that is still light and drinkable.

On the nose, Flora Gin is bright and floral with notes of elderflower and grapefruit. Juniper takes a backseat here as those wildflowers take center stage. On the palate, it’s round and clean with notable honey sweetness peaking through those aromatic botanicals. Things turn warm and dry toward the end with a lingering finish.

Flora Gin is a real departure from London Dry gins. And while many innovations away from the classic style are unsuccessful, Tamworth Distilling has made something unique, flavorful and interesting that has lots of potential for mixing into cocktails.

— 40% ABV
— $55

CE Rating: ★★★★

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