sukkah hill etrog and besamim liqueursSukkah Hill Spirits is a small company based in Southern California that’s producing a couple of unique liqueurs. First up is Etrog, which is made from an ancient heirloom citrus fruit (called the Etrog) that only grows in a handful of orchards worldwide. Next up is Besamim, an aromatic spice liqueur. Each is distilled from pure cane sugar and made by hand, one barrel at a time. Let’s take them for a spin.

Etrog pours a very pale yellow in the glass, and right off the bat you’re hit with a lemon-y citrus aroma. Rather than lemon juice it’s more akin to lemon peels, Meyer lemons and lemon candy. On the palate it’s thick and viscous with a floral sweetness accented by herbs, pepper and honey. It finishes warm and clean. It’s kind of like limoncello, if limoncello were better.

This red-hued liqueur begins with a nostalgic hint of holiday spices–cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and star anise. Take a sip, and there’s some sweet vanilla frosting, plus a hint of candied pecans. It finishes clean and warm. Besamin is spiced but not particularly spicy. And it’s sweet, but not cloyingly so. It’s a very different drinking experience than Fireball. We appreciate that.

Etrog clocks in at 76 proof while Besamim is 74 proof. Both Sukkah Hill liqueurs can be found in California, New York and online.

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