Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Tennessee whiskey fans, rejoice: the Tennessee Distillers Guild has just announced the official launch of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, a 25-stop distillery tour across the state.

There’s been nothing keeping an enterprising drinker from visiting these distilleries, but now, the whiskey makers are banding together in a joint effort to promote Tennessee whiskey and local whiskey culture.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail features 25 distilleries, ranging from boutique operations to large, international institutions like Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel. Along the Trail, visitors can get a taste of the history and tradition of Tennessee whiskey, as well as experience the rich landscapes, must-see landmarks, and good ol’ Southern hospitality that embodies the state.

To embark on the Trail, visitors can get their free passport booklet on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail website, or pick them up along the way. The idea is to collect stamps at each distillery, both for posterity’s sake (hey, you’re about to drink a lot of whiskey), and also for the incentives–thirsty individuals who collect all 25 stamps will receive a commemorative gift to mark their grand achievement.

Now, most visitors will take multiple trips to complete the trail, but extra serious whiskey enthusiasts who want to complete the entire trail in one trip can find a 10-day itinerary on the website for doing just that. Here’s a map to get you started.

tennessee whiskey trail map

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