tequila revolucionTequila Revolucion makes a full line of 100% agave tequilas, including a silver, reposado, anejo, extra anejo and 100 proof expression. The brand traces its roots back to El Arenal, Jalisco, where the distillery was established in 1994.

Tequila Revolucion’s tequila-making process is very traditional. The company ages its agave plants for seven to nine years before slowly cooking the pinas (agave hearts) in masonry ovens. After the pinas are pressed to extract the juice, the liquid is fermented and distilled — standard protocol. But Tequila Revolucion’s next step is a rarity in the industry. Each of its aged tequilas are matured in barrels that have only held tequila for at least 20 years. Whereas the industry norm is to age tequilas in used bourbon barrels.

Tequila Revolucion supplied us with the silver and reposado expressions, which are the focus of this review.

Tequila Revolucion Silver
Nose of fresh agave, citrus and hints of vanilla and caramel. The vegetal agave is present from start to finish, with some mild pepper on the backend, plus a slight metallic edge. It sports a medium-bodied mouthfeel with a savory character. Overall, it’s a very serviceable blanco with lots of good agave notes — which is what you want in a blanco. $40

Tequila Revolucion Reposado
The aged-for-10-months Reposado has aromas of baked agave, almonds, honey and oak. That agave takes a backseat to the oak on the palate, and the tequila introduces lots of peppery spice notes. It finishes long, spicy and dry. $45

Tequila Revolucion — judging from the two expressions we sampled — is a solid tequila. At the price points, we hoped for a bit more, especially given a market with quality tequilas under $30. That said, Revolucion’s attention to detail and its unusual aging methods make it worth tasting. And it certainly piqued our interest in trying the 100-proof and extra anejo varieties.

Tequila Revolucion is widely available in California, with limited distribution to a handful of other states. If you’d like to score a bottle for yourself, purchase online or check their availability in your area.


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