yogurito liqueurThe world is full of weird booze. Much of it is fun to drink, while others totally miss the mark. Even within specific categories, like vodka, there are some odd options – think smoked salmon vodka, for instance. And of course, the many flavored vodkas include ridiculous bottles ranging from Three Olives Purple (purple isn’t a flavor) and Dude (neither is Dude) to protein-infused vodka. Then there are the marketing gimmicks, like Unicorn Tears Gin.

Curating some of these weird liquors are our pals at The Daily Meal. See below for their roundup of the world’s 10 weirdest spirits, which range from pretty nuts (yogurt and cannabis liqueur) to fairly mainstream (Cynar and Bakon Vodka).

1. Yogurito – This yogurt liqueur is produced in Holland and bottled in France. It’s a popular beverage in Japan, where it’s mixed with fruit juices to create a boozy smoothie.

2. Scorpion Vodka – This isn’t terribly weird, given the worms found in certain tequilas and mescals, and the cobras found in SE Asian snake wines. But still, scorpions are scary, venomous and have pincers. Hopefully etiquette dictates that guests be offered the prize in the bottom of the bottle.

3. Mamajuana – Known as Dominican Viagra, this spirit is touted for its aphrodisiac qualities and produced by steeping herbs and wood in a base of rum, honey and wine.

4. Kierewiet – For those who are too lazy to smoke themselves high, there’s this cannabis liqueur digestif. Unsurprisingly, you can find it in Amsterdam.

For more interesting additions to your liquor cabinet, read the full list at The Daily Meal.

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  • Bill says:

    You think artichoke liqueur is mainstream? Man.. either you’re nuts, or I don’t drink enough hahah.

    Now, off to get some bacon vodka!

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