maine beer company red wheelbarrow ale

maine beer company red wheelbarrow aleHey there. Beer Enthusiast here. Long time, no write. Anyway, here’s a report on what I’m drinking (and therefore, what you should be drinking) right now, including a beer inspired by poetry, a beer inspired by Presidential speeches, and a beer inspired by… I don’t know what, but it’s damn good.

BEER: The Red Wheelbarrow
BREWERY: Maine Beer Company
ENJOYED: At home, in a tulip glass, poured from a 22-oz bottle.
SOME THOUGHTS: I first came across this brewery at Portland, Maine’s excellent bar, Novari Res. The bottle was hand numbered. The beer was delicious and, I was told, brewed in the founder’s garage. This was five years ago; on my last visit to Maine, the beer was on draft everywhere. And now it’s available in NYC. Good for those guys and even better for me. This beer–inspired by William Carlos Williams’ Imagist ode–is hoppy but mild, and true to the name by being red as all get out. Tasty as hell, but watch your pour—you’re gonna get a lot of foam. And don’t be surprised when you’re moved to write a poem of your own.

BEER: Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale
BREWERY: 21st Amendment
ENJOYED: On draft at Upstate, with oysters and good conversation.
SOME THOUGHTS: It’s dark and alluring, like many a handsome stranger. And yet, not as hoppy as I expected from a 7.9% ABV powerhouse. Almost chocolate-y/stout-y, but somehow not. Goes great with fresh oysters. Drinkable. Almost too drinkable, as it led to an epic whiskey-and-Genessee-Cream-Ale bender that almost ended with The Beer Enthusiast missing a damn flight. Enjoy responsibly.

BEER: Pale Ale
BREWERY: Ballast Point
ENJOYED: In a pilsner glass, poured from a can, like a fancyboy.
SOME THOUGHTS: Nothing crazy here. Just a damn good beer served in a damn handsome can. An easy-drinking go-to out of San Diego.

BEER: Jan Olympic White Lagrrr!
BREWERY: Singlecut Beersmiths
ENJOYED: On draft at Momofuku, paired with the most delicious shrimp buns you’ll ever have in your life.
SOME THOUGHTS: Bright. Citrus-y. Some spice. Takes a little getting used to. (Would it be heresy to suggest dropping an orange in it? Probably.) Mellows as you go. A beer worthy of a David Chang meal.

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