150 bars to visit before you die
Beaufort Bar, London. Photo: Charlotte Faith.

The world is full of great bars. In fact, you could spend a lifetime trying to suss out which ones are worth a trip, and then visiting them all, one by one. Of course, you could also let someone else do all the leg work, and then just follow the template they set out.

To help with this most noble cause, 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die is a new book from master sommelier Jurgen Lijcops. He guides readers on a journey to the best and most storied bars throughout the world, from New York to London, from Sydney to Hong Kong. The book includes handsome images of bar interiors, cocktail recipes, and profiles of the employees who make each bar a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, if you’re in the mood for some light reading—or trip planning—pickup a copy for yourself.

Now, here are those bars reprinted with permission. Collect them all.

150 Must-Visit Bars Around the World

1. The Rooftop (Cabo San Lucas)
2. The Aviary (Chicago)
3. Untitled Supper Club (Chicago)
4. Bordel (Chicago)
5. El Floridita (Havana)
6. Sloppy Joe’s Bar (Havana)
7. The Chandelier Lounge (Las Vegas)
8. Gallery Bar (Los Angeles)
9. Gianni Bar (Los Angeles)
10. The Spare Room (Los Angeles)
11. Black Rum Bar (Negril)
12. Beach Bum Berry’s Latitude 29 (New Orleans)
13. Carousel Bar (New Orleans)
14. Blacktail Bar (NYC)
15. The Bar Room (NYC)
16. The Blond (NYC)
17. Campell Bar (NYC)
18. Dante (NYC)
19. The Dead Rabbit (NYC)
20. Employees Only (NYC)
21. Nomad Bar (NYC)
22. Attaboy (NYC)
23. Mace (NYC)
24. Monarch Rooftop (NYC)
25. Mr. Purple (NYC)
26. Trick Dog (San Francisco)
27. RED2ONE (Santiago)
28. Canon Bar (Seattle)
29. Rumba (Seattle)
30. Bar Raval (Toronto)
31. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails (Amsterdam)
32. Tales & Spirits (Amsterdam)
33. Belroy’s Bijou (Antwerp)
34. Dogma (Antwerp)
35. Alexander’s Bar (Athens)
36. The Clumsies (Athens)
37. Apotheke (Barcelona)
38. El Nacional (Barcelona)
39. Dry Martini Bar (Barcelona)
40. Edgbaston Bar (Birmingham)
41. Humus x Hortense (Brussels)
42. Seiberts Bar (Cologne)
43. Prince of Wales Bar (Cong)
44. Buza Bar (Dubrovnik)
45. The Cobbler (Ghent)
46. Jiggers (Ghent)
47. HR Giger Bar (Gruyères)
48. Boilerman Bar (Hamburg)
49. Le Lion Bar De Paris (Hamburg)
50. The Allis (Istanbul)
51. Kilimanjaro (Istanbul)
52. Gra Z Vognem (Kiev)
53. Stollen 1930 (Kufstein)
54. Red Frog Bar (Lisbon)
55. 81LTD (Liverpool)
56. The Alchemist (London)
57. Aqua Shard (London)
58. Beaufort Bar (London)
59. The American Bar (London)
60. Connaught Bar (London)
61. Bloomsbury Club Bar (London)
62. Christopher’s Martini Bar (London)
63. German Gymnasium (London)
64. Dandelyan (London)
65. The Gibson (London)
66. Sexy Fish (London)
67. Hyde Bar (London)
68. K Bar (London)
69. Jailhouse Bar (London)
70. Milk & Honey (London)
71. Mr. Frog’s Taven (London)
72. Nightjar (London)
73. Oriole (London)
74. Scarfes Bar (London)
75. Shanghai Bar (London)
76. Colebrook Row (London)
77. Sky Pod Bar (London)
78. Wave Bar (London)
79. Zth Cocktail Lounge (London)
80. Le Parfum (London)
81. City Space Bar (Moscow)
82. Schumann’s (Munich)
83. Die Goldene Bar (Munich)
84. Candelaria (Paris)
85. Castor Club (Paris)
86. Le Bar Botaniste (Paris)
87. Dirty Dick (Paris)
88. Le Bar Georges V (Paris)
89. Little Red Door (Paris)
90. Le Bar Du Plaza Athene (Paris)
91. Sherry Butt (Paris)
92. Hemingway Bar (Prague)
93. The Jerry Thomas Project (Rome)
94. Linje Tio (Stockholm)
95. Mr. Simon (Udine)
96. Harry’s Bar (Venice)
97. Baiser Bar (Xanthi)
98. Widder Bar (Zurich)
99. Sky Bar (Bangkok)
100. Bamboo Bar (Bangkok)
101. Red Sky (Bangkok)
102. Zoom Sky Bar (Bangkok)
103. Gold on 27 (Dubai)
104. Vault (Dubai)
105. The Chinnery (Hong Kong)
106. Castello 4 (Hong Kong)
107. Club Qing (Hong Kong)
108. Djapa Bar (Hong Kong)
109. Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour (Hong Kong)
110. J Boroski (Hong Kong)
111. Lobster Bar And Grill (Hong Kong)
112. Mo Bar (Hong Kong)
113. Ophelia (Hong Kong)
114. Otto E Mezzo Bombana (Hong Kong)
115. Please Don’t Tell (Hong Kong)
116. Quinary (Hong Kong)
117. Stockton (Hong Kong)
118. Bar Palladio (Jaipur)
119. Rock Bar (Jimbaran)
120. Aer Lounge (Mumbai)
121. Charles H. Bar (Seoul)
122. Speak Low (Shanghai)
123. 28 Hongkong Street (Singapore)
124. Atlas Bar (Singapore)
125. Employees Only (Singapore)
126. Tippling Club (Singapore)
127. Gibson Bar (Singapore)
128. Jigger and Pony (Singapore)
129. Long Bar (Singapore)
130. Manhattan (Singapore)
131. Operation Dagger (Singapore)
132. Smoke & Mirrors (Singapore)
133. Imperial Craft (Tel Aviv)
134. Whiskey Bar & Museum (Tel Aviv)
135. Bar Benfeddich (Tokyo)
136. Bar High Five (Tokyo)
137. Bar/S (Tokyo)
138. Bar Tram (Tokyo)
139. Bar Trench (Tokyo)
140. Cobbler Bar (Brisbane)
141. Seymour’s Cocktails & Oysters (Brisbane)
142. Atrium Bar on 35 (Melbourne)
143. The Everleigh (Melbourne)
144. Black Pearl (Melbourne)
145. 1806 (Melbourne)
146. Abode Bistro & Bar (Sydney)
147. Baxter Inn (Sydney)
148. Beta Bar (Sydney)
149. 360 Bar and Dining (Sydney)
150. PS40 (Sydney)

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