Recently, PAMA brought together the DeGroff family for an evening of holiday entertaining and punch drinking at Apartment 13 in New York City. This included “King Cocktail” himself, Dale DeGroff, plus his bartending son, Leo, and his wife, Jill. It was quite the affair, and it kicked off the PAMA Bar Stars Series, which honors the next generation of bar stars. For the first event, Leo DeGroff was the evening’s honoree.

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Dale DeGroff helped to fuel the modern cocktail resurgence, and he’s been followed by his son, who quickly found a calling to join the industry. For the night’s refreshments, the father-son duo created three PAMA holiday punches for the attendees’ considerations. The recipes follow.

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PAMA Paloma
34 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
34 oz fresh grapefruit juice
20 oz Pedro Ximénez Sherry
20 oz Del Maguey Crema
16 oz fresh lemon juice
6 lemons
3 oranges
1 cup sugar

Peel the oranges and lemons. Make an oleo-saccharum by macerating the orange and lemon peels in the sugar for at least three hours. Muddle the mixture occasionally. Add the oleo-saccharum to a punch bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Add a large block of ice. Serves 25-30.

Caribe Punch
17 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
2 bottles Santa Teresa “1796” Solera Aged Rum
15 oz honey syrup (1:1 ratio of honey to water)
8 oz fresh clementine juice
2 oz fresh lime juice

Mix all ingredients in a punch bowl. Add a large block of ice. Serves 25.

Millennium Punch
15 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
1 ½ bottles Louis Royer “Force 53” VSOP Cognac
50 oz Spring Water
16 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
8 oz Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
½ Ripe Pineapple, cubed (to flavor store bought pineapple juice)
1 ½ cup Sugar
6 Whole Fresh Lemons
3 Whole Oranges
Nutmeg Garnish

Remove skin only from 6 lemons and 3 oranges. Pound the peels together with 1-½ cups of sugar to extract the oils. Leave a minimum of 4 hours and muddle occasionally. Pour in 1-½ cups of lemon juice and dissolve the sugar. Add 1-½ cups of spring water and stir. Strain out the peels. Add this liquid into a punch bowl. Add the Cognac, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur and pineapple juice. Add spring water and adjust the sweet and sour with fresh lemon juice and/or simple syrup.

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