Auchentoshan American OakAuchentoshan American Oak is a new addition to the Auchentoshan Scotch Whisky portfolio. This expression is a triple distilled single malt that’s been aged in first fill American oak barrels that previously held bourbon. With each filling, less and less wood character is transferred to the whisky, so in this case, Auchentoshan American Oak is impacted plenty by those bourbon barrels. As such, you can consider this to be a gateway whisky, one that bridges the gap between bourbon and scotch, which for many palates is harder to handle.

The easy-going American Oak now sits at the entry level position in Auchentoshan’s whisky range, having replaced Auchentoshan Classic. It pours light gold in the glass, and on the nose it features bourbon-y vanilla and light caramel, plus apples, pears and some mild, toasted coconut. Take a drink, and you’ve got yourself a whisky that’s light and smooth with flavors ranging from citrus, coconut and ginger to creamy vanilla. The whisky finishes long and dry with lots of spice.

This is a tasty, easy-drinking whisky. One that’s still a far cry from bourbon, but perhaps equidistant from peaty scotches. We love the peaty stuff, so we’re not the best example of this whisky’s target market. But if you typically shy away from scotch in favor of bourbon, Auchentoshan American Oak should be a nice introduction to the category. And at modest price point for a well made single malt, it won’t hurt your wallet to give it a whirl.

– 40% ABV
– $39.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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