Averna, the Sicilian Amaro, announced today that it has revamped its bottle design. It marks the liqueurs’ first design update in more than 20 years and features a more contemporary take on the traditional label. Though I’ve got to say, it doesn’t look that much different than the old bottle.  Still, Averna hopes the new look and feel will appeal to its increasing number of young consumers.

Averna belongs to the category of amaros—herbal Italian liqueurs—that more people are starting to drink neat, rather than just mixing into cocktails. Bartenders have been knocking back amaros like Averna and Fernet for years, but as the drinking public becomes more accustomed to complex flavor profiles and bitter liqueurs, they too are joining in.

While the Averna bottle sports a mildly new look, the centuries old recipe remains a closely guarded secret and has not been changed in more than 140 years.

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  • Andrew says:

    I have to agree with Jill. I will say that this is a wonder ingerdient to use. I use it in Negronis and in Manhattans. Gives the drink a nice earthiness.

  • Jill says:

    Looks pretty much the same. If anything, the bottle looks older.

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