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BĒT Vodka is a new spirit out of Minnesota that’s doing things differently. Rather than your typical vodka distillates like wheat, potatoes or corn, BĒT (pronounced “beet”) is crafting their new vodka from local sugar beets.

Founded by a couple friends from the Twin Cities, the company is utilizing one of Minnesota’s most bountiful crops. Those sugar beets are harvested and processed into granulated beet sugar, which is then dissolved, fermented for up to two weeks, distilled no less than three times, blended with water and filtered through active carbon. But rather than opening their own distillery, the new company has enlisted 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond, WI to actually make the stuff.

On the nose, BĒT Vodka is clean, mild and mostly neutral with hints of vanilla sweetness. It’s soft and light-to-medium bodied on the palate. Flavors range from sweet notes like vanilla beans and buttercream frosting to hints of peppery spice. It finishes clean and cool with some lingering sweetness.

Our first brush with sugar beet vodka was a good one. True to its ingredients, BĒT Vodka has a sugary quality. We’d have enjoyed a little more structure and spice to temper that sweetness, but the flavors are natural and pleasant from open to close.

— 40% ABV
— $34.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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