As we do our best to remind everyone who will listen, the world of great spirits—liquor, booze, hooch, firewater, or whatever you want to call it—is bigger and better than ever. Craft distillers are popping up in every city that will let them (and even some that won’t, hoping to reform outdated liquor laws as they go), and big, international brands are catching onto the fact that the modern drinker has access to information, products, and expert know-how that makes them the best-informed imbibers in history.

Raise a Glass to Repeal Day!

With that in mind, this past Saturday—National Prohibition Repeal Day, the 82nd anniversary of the day it became legal to buy alcohol again in the US—we launched Bevvy Spirits, an entirely new way for you to explore your favorite booze (you can read more in our press release).

With over 700 products and counting (our goal is to eventually catalog every legally-recognized spirit on Earth), our database gives you all kinds of fun ways to learn about everything from whiskey to vodka to rum to mezcal and more.


Product Tracking

Want to keep track of every scotch you’ve ever had? Looking to build a list of all the gins you want to try? We’re on it. Simply browse or search for the spirit you’re looking for, click the “Tried?” button, and select either “I’ve tried this” or “I want to try this.”

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This will add it to a list on your Bevvy profile page that collects every drink—cocktail, spirit, or beer—that you’ve tried or want to try. You can update the list whenever you try something new or hear about the latest must-have hooch, and use it to prove to your friends once and for all who the biggest booze aficionado really is. Or, you know, something more collaborative than that.

Your Liquor Cabinet and Wishlists

Want to show off your tequila collection? Create a wishlist to share with your friends and family? (The holidays are just around the corner, after all). Browse or search for the spirit you want like you did before, but instead click the “Own?” button and mark the bottle “I own or have owned this” or “On my wishlist.”

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You can also select both options, in case you already have a bottle and want to stock up, or if you want to keep track of what wishlist items you’ve owned in the past. Just like your “Tried” list, your “Owned” list can be found on your profile page, where you can update it in a snap.

Awards and Ratings

Of course, it’s hard to know what spirits you want to try or buy without knowing if people think they’re any good. That’s why we’ve included awards and ratings from prestigious competitions and publications like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Spirits ChallengeSpirit Journal, Whiskey Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and the Beverage Testing Institute.

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These are the best of the best, and while we plan to add more comprehensive award histories and ratings in the future, they’re certainly enough to give you a sense of what’s good, what’s great, and what’s not worth your time.


Then, there’s price. Sure, a bottle of Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum might look good on your home bar, but the fact that it’s going to run you upwards of $5000 might make that Mount Gay Eclipse a lot more appealing.

We’ve compiled average prices for every spirit in our database, based on price history and regional variations. Due to taxes and other regulations, we can’t guarantee that the listed price is exactly what you’ll find in your local liquor store, but it should be pretty close.


As always, you can also like spirits (just click the little heart icon), save them to a drink collection (just click “Save”), and read up on awards, price, ingredients, and more. And even if you don’t want to make an account, you can still browse and search through everything on the site.

What’s Next

In the coming months, we’ll be adding more products to our catalog, unveiling new features such as browsing by brand, spirit recommendations, side by side comparisons, tight integration of our spirits data to the rest of Bevvy, and other overall product improvements to give you the best experience we can.

Our mission is to connect the world to excellent drinking, and Bevvy Spirits is a big step towards that goal. Come join us!

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