blackgrouse.jpgThe Black Grouse Scotch is part of the extensive Famous Grouse whiskey lineup. Introduced in 2008, The Black Grouse is a blend of the entry level, white labeled Famous Grouse -– which is the best-selling blended whiskey in Scotland — with Islay malt whiskeys. The result is a peatier, smokier version of the original.

Behind a light top note of alcohol, The Black Grouse has a very aromatic nose that balances between sweet and smoky as the grain whiskeys merge with the Islay malts. Initial flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and oak move toward smoke and spice. The smoke is definitely there, but quite mild compared to Islay-produced whiskeys, and the smoke influence doesn’t overpower the lighter grain notes. The whiskey remains light on the palate and finishes warm and dry with a slight, lingering sweetness.

The Black Grouse is a nice blend; the smoke doesn’t kill the bright, easy-drinking notes of The Famous Grouse, and the addition of peated malts improves on the original with an enhanced malt body.

Overall, The Black Grouse is very drinkable, and clocking in at less than $30, it’s a great value. Give this a go before venturing into the seriously smoky Islay single malts.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $28


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  • James Davidson says:

    I wish that I had gotten some kind of warning as to the blending whiskey location of The Black Grouse. If I want an Islay blend it will always be The Black Bottle. The Black Bottle is only $1 more than The Famous Grouse and is a good bit better than The Black Grouse. I was hoping that it might be more like The Mac Allen. The Black Bottle is smoother and more tasty to me. This flavoring came as a shock.

  • Francisco Xavier says:

    I purchased a 750ml for $25, and a 1L of Grants Family Reserve for $20. I enjoy single malts and I enjoyed Chivas, so I tried these two blends. I disliked both of them immensely until I cured the situation. I mixed 3 parts Black Grouse to 2 parts Grants and I can tell you its

  • Mac says:

    I find Black Grouse to be disappointing. Perhaps, I rec’d a bad bottle but I will never buy another. I’m not sure it is even scotch whisky, the taste was so off. A complete waste.

  • Frederic says:

    Famous Grouse is our house blended Scotch for mixing. It runs about $22 so perhaps for a few dollars more, this offering might be a good deal.

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