blue nectar anejo founders blend tequila

If you want to attach the word “founder,” to a bottle, you want it to look stately. Blue Nectar Tequila certainly hit that mark when it came to designing the vessel for Founder’s Blend, the añejo tequila sitting at the top of their lineup. The squat glass rectangle features a thick, heavy bottom and seems destined for use as a decanter in its next life.

But good design isn’t the only feature of Founder’s Blend worth praising. It’s a rich, rewarding tequila that’s ripe for sipping—and shutting up that one friend who still lumps tequila into the college-drinking-ghetto.

The majority of the spirit that makes up Blue Nectar Añejo Founder’s Blend is distilled twice in a pot still, and aged up to two years in American oak barrels. Afterward, it’s blended with a five-year-old extra añejo to give us the tequila we see here.

Founder’s Blend is a bronze-y gold in color, and its nose is ripe with agave, bright citrus, salt and candy corn. On first sip it’s remarkably light and crisp, bursting with fresh and juicy agave sweetness. Midway through the palate it takes on a thicker, darker character with robust notes of vanilla and caramel. The heavier sweetness gives way to a mild spiciness with subtle smoke and savory notes, played off in a lingering finish with faint baking spices.

Blue Nectar Añejo Founder’s Blend is a tequila designed to be shown off. And fortunately, it’s got more than enough character to match its good looks.

— 40% ABV
— $65

CE Rating: ★★★★

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