bulleit 10 year bourbonBulleit 10 Year is a new expression from the guys behind Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye. The 10 Year starts its life as regular Bulleit Bourbon, with the same high rye mashbill. But whereas the original is bottled after about six years, this one’s set aside for a full 10 years, which means more oaky influences on the whiskey.

In the glass, Bulleit 10 pours a rich brown color with reddish hues. On the nose you’ll find lots of toasted oak, plus some vanilla and fruit. So far, not a huge difference from its younger brother. But take a sip, and that’s where things start to change. Bulleit 10 is intensely oaky and full of spice, with the oak dominating the corn and rye. The mouthfeel is big and bold, but that heavy oak starts to dissipate some mid-palate as sweet vanilla shines through. It finishes very dry with lots of fruit, an altogether pleasant end to a somewhat confusing whiskey.

This is pretty much what you’d expect from an extra-aged Bulleit Bourbon. It’s got the same infrastructure as the original, but is much oakier across the board, which makes it seem less balanced. There are certainly high notes, like that very nice finish. But we’re not convinced this is a better bourbon than the original. Of course, to each his own. But with a bigger price tag, it’d sure feel good to know you’re getting more for your money.

Either way, it’s certainly worth sampling. And fans of oaky whiskeys could find a lot to like here.

Unlike the original bourbon and the rye, Bulleit 10 comes housed in an orange box for safekeeping.

– 45.6% Alcohol by Volume
– $44.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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