canadian club 100 proofCanadian Club 100 Proof is six years old, just like the standard, white labeled Canadian Club Whisky. But unlike the entry level bottle, the 100 proof packs an extra alcoholic punch. It claims to hold more fruit and oak to help temper the higher proof, but this is a pretty fiery spirit.

The Canadian Club 100 Proof is strong on the nose, with lots of alcohol masking its aromas. Let it sit in the glass for a few minutes, and the alcoholic top notes will fade, revealing a decent nose of vanilla, toasted grain, oak and fruit. Take a sip and find some flavors of oak and grain. It’s medium-bodied on the palate and finishes dry, with a touch of lingering spice.

Overall, Canadian Club 100 Proof seems muted in flavor. It’s fiery and potent, sure. But most of the nuance is lost to the heat. Considering that many whiskeys clock in at more than 100 proof and still retain lots of character, perhaps the CC could have used more time inside a barrel to temper its heat.

– 50% Alcohol by Volume
– $19

CE Rating: ★★


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