canadian club classicCanadian Club Classic is aged for 12 years, twice the length of the traditional white-labeled Canadian Club. The brand has enjoyed a resurgence of late, with notable appearances in HBO’s “Boardwalk” and last year’s ads touting Canadian Club as “what your dad drank.”

If your dad did drink Canadian Club, it was probably the standard six year old bottling, but the 12 year Classic is a nice step up from the original. It has soft aromas of creamy vanilla, mild spice and a touch of dry oak. Take a sip to taste sweet vanilla and honey, plus more woody oak. The whiskey is fairly well-balanced, if somewhat simple. Its grippy finish is long and dry, as the sweeter notes quickly fade.

Canadian Club Classic is a pretty decent whiskey, especially at its price point of about $20. For my money, I’d take Classic’s smooth blend over the six year bottle, priced just a few dollars cheaper. It’s not a very complex whiskey, but it’s a solid sipper. It’s the kind of whiskey you load into your flask before hitting the golf course or attending your cousin’s wedding.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $20

CE Rating: ★★★


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