canadian club reserve 10 year whiskyCanadian Club Reserve is a 10 year old whiskey that sits between the entry-level six year old bottle and the 12 year old Canadian Club Classic. The Reserve has a high percentage of rye grains and rye malt, which yield some rich flavors and spice notes, and like most Canadian Club whiskeys, it’s very wallet-friendly.

Canadian Club Reserve is bronze-to-gold in appearance and offers an initial hit of strong alcohol on the nose. These raw notes subside after a few minutes, so dive in again to sample mild aromas of toffee, grain and fruit. Flavor wise, it’s got more to it than the nose indicates, with lots of toffee, plus some caramel, vanilla and baking spices like cloves and nutmeg. It’s smooth on the palate with little alcoholic heat, and it finishes warm and dry.

Canadian Club Reserve is a good, everyday whiskey for the budget-conscious drinker. It’s fairly simple, so while it can be enjoyed neat, it shows more utility as a mixer.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $17

CE Rating: ★★★


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