canadian club sherry caskCanadian Club Sherry Cask is a small batch Canadian whiskey that’s aged for eight years in white oak and then finished in Spanish sherry casks.  It sits at the top of the Canadian Club lineup and, unlike the standard six-year bottle, is definitely made for sipping.

On the nose, the Sherry Cask is fairly subtle, with hints of caramel and maple underneath the alcohol.  The taste is more robust, bursting with lots of sweet caramel, nuttiness and peppery spice.  There’s much less fruitiness than I was expecting the sherry casks to impart into the whiskey.  It finishes long and warm, with that grippy spice outlasting the sweetness.  Despite the spice, it’s still fairly soft on the palate and doesn’t require any water or ice to mellow the flavors.

Overall, Canadian Club Sherry Cask has a lot going on.  The sweet caramel and peppery spice flavors don’t always play nice, but keep sipping and it all eventually comes together.  It’s a nice effort by Canadian Club and certainly worth a try.

– 41.3 % Alcohol by Volume
– $30


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