canario cachacaCachaça: it’s the national spirit of Brazil, the all-important base of the Caipirinha and a relative to rum. And today, we’ve got a bottle of CanaRio Cachaça sitting on our desk. CanaRio hails from — you guessed it — Rio. It’s produced at Fazenda Soledade, a Brazilian family enterprise that’s been making cachaça since 1827.

CanaRio Cachaça is double distilled in copper pot stills from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice, and blended with water from the distillery’s own well. The result is a spirit that’s flush with the notes of raw sugar cane and tropical fruits. It’s sweet, vegetal and very clean, with just a hint of heat toward the finish. Overall, it’s a well-balanced spirit, and while it doesn’t show the earthy complexity of some cachaças on the market, it’s exceedingly drinkable.

Try it over ice with some cane syrup and a squeeze of lime, or mix up a traditional Caipirinha.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $24.99

CE Rating: ★★★


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