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weather up austinWeather Up is that rare cocktail bar with multiple locations. So after visiting one of its New York spots, we decided to pay the Texas version a visit. It being about 1,500 miles closer to our house and all. Upon walking up to Weather Up Austin, you quickly get the impression that this is a cool, neighborhood bar. Partly because that’s the vibe they’ve manufactured at this old, refurbished house with a big patio. But also because it’s simply a cool, neighborhood bar. The kind of place you’d like to walk to, sprawl out on the patio and sip cold cocktails on warm days.

For round one, we go off the menu with a mezcal old fashioned to see what kind of chops we’re dealing with here. Served over a huge block of hand-carved Clinebell ice, it’s pretty damn perfect. Smoky and boozy with just the right amount of sugar, all tempered by the bitters and accented with citrus oils on top.

Next up, we order from the menu. The White Horse is composed of Scotch, lemon juice, orange juice, house made ginger syrup, Angostura bitters and soda. It’s served tall with a metal straw and crystallized ginger as the garnish, with a single, cylindrical ice cube. It’s straightforward, easy-drinking and gingery — the consummate warm weather cocktail. The scotch is mellowed by the orange juice and ginger, but it’s still got hints of smoke and a slight kick.

Overall, I like this place. The tapas truck outside. The random hispter sipping a beer and reading a book by himself. The general air of sophistication with a total lack of pretension. A mixture of girls in dresses and guys in cowboy boots. It’s a good place to unwind, and one we’ll add to our regular lineup of Austin cocktail joints.

Weather Up
1808 E Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702

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