crown royal xrCrown Royal recently unveiled the latest Crown Royal Extra Rare Whisky. The original Crown Royal XR was introduced in 2005, and its selling point was the inclusion of rare whiskey stocks from the now-defunct Waterloo Distillery. The new Crown Royal XR follows the same game plan, this time including a small reserve of whiskeys saved from the LaSalle Distillery, operational from 1924 to 1993. As with the first edition of XR, the whiskey is distributed until those limited quantity stocks run out. So get it while you can.

Crown Royal Extra Rare pours a bright amber and has a nose of pears, oaky vanilla and caramel. Take a sip to find flavors of dried fruits, honey and dark chocolate, plus an undertone of toasted bread and spicy rye grains. The finish is clean and dry, with some brown sugar sweetness.

Overall, Crown Royal XR is an easy-drinking whiskey, though it plays a bit more alcoholic than its tame 40% ABV proof would suggest.

The whiskey is hitting store shelves this month. And unlike Crown Royal’s trademark velvet purple pouch, Crown Royal XR comes in a pretty blue number.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $130

CE Rating: ★★★


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