Death’s Door Gin comes from Death’s Door Spirits, a relatively new outfit based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company produces a vodka and white whiskey in addition to the gin.

Distilled in small batches from local red winter wheat, Death’s Door Gin is unique as far as gins go, in that it’s comprised of just three botanicals – juniper berries, coriander and fennel seeds. And they’re all organic, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Death’s Door Gin has a light aroma of juniper that’s somewhat muted by an initial hit of alcohol. Some fennel notes are present as well, folded neatly into the background. Take a sip and taste bright juniper, dry citrus and tons of spice. It’s really peppery on the tongue, but the spice moves toward a cooling hit of mint. Coriander comes through noticeably, with the fennel mostly taking a backseat. It finishes long and dry with more of that spicy bite.

Death’s Door Gin is a good example of what happens when you don’t muddle a gin’s flavors with 10-15 botanicals. It’s clean and very flavor-forward. Nicely done, Wisconsin. You’re now on our radar for more than just beer and cheese.

– 47% Alcohol by Volume
– $30


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If this is the gin I remember trying a couple weekends ago, then I couldn’t agree more with the review. Not many people (aside from me) would consider gin a good sipping beverage — but if all gin tasted like Death’s Door, some may reconsider.

Mutineer Magazine

I was a big fan of Death’s Door Gin (and vodka) as well. Great post!

Cocktail Enthusiast

@Mutineer — If you haven’t tried it, the Death’s Door White Whiskey is also worth sampling.

John Fro
John Fro

It’s very good in lemonade, which surprised me.


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