don papa rum review

don papa rum

Don Papa Rum, the popular rum from The Philippines, has finally arrived stateside. After launching in 2011, Don Papa found favor in its home country, eventually expanding throughout Asia and then to Europe. Now, Americans can get their first taste of the richly-flavored rum.

Don Papa Rum is handcrafted on the Philippine island of Negros, also known as “Sugarlandia,” where the sugarcane is lush and plentiful. The ancient sugar mills of Negros grind the very sweet Noble Cane, which is the original variety of Southeast Asia sugar cane that dates back thousands of years. These ingredients are then distilled and aged up to seven years in an ultra-humid climate, intensifying the interaction between the rum and the American oak barrels. That translates to lots of woody vanilla notes in the final product.

Don Papa Rum is available now in New York and Boston and will soon hit shelves in additional markets. You can secure a bottle for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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