eagle rare single barrel bourbonEagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon is a 10-year-old straight bourbon from Kentucky. It is distilled and distributed by Buffalo Trace. Eagle Rare first hit the market in 1975 as a 101 proof straight bourbon, and since its inception has changed hands a number of times – from Seagram to Old Prentice to The Sazerac Company. The current iterations of Eagle Rare include a 90 proof 10-year-old expression (the focus of this review) and a 90 proof 17-year-old expression.

Dive into Eagle Rare Single Barrel for aromas of toasted bread, vanilla, charcoal and almonds. Take a sip to find a very rich, oily mouthfeel and lots of oak that surfaces with sweet caramel and dry resin. Dried fruits, leather and cocoa hit mid palate, and then the finish: it’s very peppery with lots of baking spices, but a honeyed background keeps things in check. The finish lasts seemingly forever.

That’s one serious whiskey. It hits all the typical bourbon notes, but adds another layer of depth. That complex, assertive and intense nature takes it beyond your usual suspects. And that alluring play between spicy and sweet keeps us coming back for more.

Plus, the price is just right.

– 45% Alcohol by Volume
– $25-30

CE Rating: ★★★★


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  • Gary says:

    In love with this. Best $30 bottle of bourbon around. This is now the standard by which I judge other bourbons and a staple in my liquor cabinet.

  • Aaron says:

    Love love love this stuff! Awesome bourbon and such a good deal. I first tried it six months ago and seem to go thru a bottle every couple weeks. All my friends like it too. It;s become our house drink.

  • Corey Quinn says:

    Which barrel was this? I’ve tasted a number of their 2012 bottles, and the experiences ranged from mediocre to life-changing.

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