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Last week Brown-Forman announced that its Early Times brand is adding the new 354 Bourbon to its whiskey lineup. It’s a big change for Early Times, which hasn’t produced a true bourbon since 1983. From the company —

Brown-Forman announces the Early Times brand is returning to its bourbon roots with Early Times 354 Bourbon. Crafted with pure water, select grains, proprietary yeast and carefully distilled and matured in select oak barrels, it’s the newest (and in a way, the oldest) member of the Early Times family. After an absence as a bourbon in the US market since 1983, Early Times 354 joins Early Times Kentucky Whisky in an expansion of the presence of the famous Early Times brand.

“Early Times is the second oldest continually produced Kentucky whisky on the market – second only to Brown Forman’s Old Forester,” said Chris Morris, Brown-Forman Master Distiller. “Early Times 354 Bourbon takes as a part of its names the distillery’s famous permit number – 354. This is the longest held operating permit in Kentucky.”

Early Times 354 will initially be sold in 17 U.S. markets, with more to join throughout 2011. The bourbon is bottled at 80 proof and will cost about $16. A full review will follow, but until then, here’s what John knows, and here are some tasting notes provided by Brown-Forman.

Color: Deep amber

Aroma: Spicy with sweet fruit, fresh oak and delicate corn notes underscored by a layer of vanilla and caramel.

Taste: A lively entry with spice, caramel and vanilla that melt into a mixture of fresh and dried fruit notes.

Finish: Warm with subtle hints of apple and corn

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That’s big news and an exciting change for the brand! We’ll have to keep and eye out to see how successful this is and what they’ll do next.

Cheers DIA!

honeycutt jd
honeycutt jd

very close to jack daniels,and better price


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