english garden worm gin

You’ve probably seen a few worms foraging around your garden. Dried up on the sidewalk. Maybe even floating in a cheap, touristy (or Toby Keith-approved) bottle of tequila or mezcal. But a bottle of gin containing a worm? That’s new. And aptly enough, it’s called English Garden Worm Gin.

English Garden Worm Gin is a dry gin with an earthworm in it. And… that’s about it. Not much else is known, other than its lackluster 37.5 percent ABV.

If you’d like to explore the synergy between gin and worms, you can do so here. It’s sure to give your next Martini a nice earthy tone. And it’ll look great on your home bar. Right next to that bottle of Smoked Salmon Vodka.

– 37.5% Alcohol by Volume
– $31

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