four roses single barrel bourbonFour Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is part of Four Roses’ core lineup of whiskeys that also includes the Small Batch and Yellow Label bourbons.  The “single barrel” designation means that the bourbon is pulled from single casks and bottled, rather than being a blended product from several barrels. Each bottle is hand-marked by the distiller to indicate the specific warehouse, cask and shelf where the bourbon was aged.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is golden amber with a nose of peppery spice, fruit, citrus and oaky vanilla.  On the palate, the citrus notes are more prominent, with some orange coming through, plus some cherry flavors, caramel and more wood.  At 50% ABV, the whiskey packs a punch, but much of the alcohol hides behind the spice and never overwhelms the palate.  It finishes long and warm, with more peppery spice and some burnt wood notes that add a bit of bitterness.

While I typically make my Manhattans and Old Fashioneds with rye, I mixed up a couple drinks with the Four Roses.  The Single Barrel held its own, creating a couple of spicy, complex cocktails worth tasting.

Overall, Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is quite good, and at about $35, it’s a pretty decent value.  The higher ABV may prove too intense for some—it’s nothing a bit of water can’t tame—but veteran bourbon drinkers will likely appreciate the punch.

– 50% Alcohol by Volume
– $35

CE Rating: ★★★★


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