Team Negroni SF 2016
Team Negroni SF 2016

Negroni Week is just around the corner, and along with it comes a series of Negroni Rides—group bike rides with a distance of approximately 40+ miles, held in various cities around the US—to benefit the Helen David Relief Fund, a charity founded to raise awareness and funds for bartenders and service industry professionals coping with the effects of breast cancer. The Negroni Ride is a collaboration between Tony Abou-Ganim (The Modern Mixologist) and the US Bartenders’ Guild.

How You Can Help

Update June 15: This rides have concluded for this year, and as of this update, the 2017 Negroni riders have raised several tens of thousands of dollars for the Helen David Relief Fund. Thank to everyone for your support. For those who still wish to contribute to this cause, you may still donate via the links below.

This year, Bevvy’s very own Jay Hung (CEO) and Kevin Gray (Editor-in-Chief) will be joining Tony and Team Negroni in the San Francisco edition of the Negroni Ride, as we cycle 40+ Bay Area miles to help combat the effects of cancer among service professionals.

We humbly welcome any Bevvy reader in a position to contribute to sponsor our rides and help us raise funds for this great cause. Any amount is helpful, and we are extremely grateful for your support:

Support Jay’s Ride Here

Support Kevin’s Ride Here

Better yet, join Team Negroni San Francisco and come ride with us! Or find and then ride with your local Team Negroni in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Santa Fe, Chicago, or Denver.

A Few Words from Tony Abou-Ganim

“We work in a very demanding profession, one that I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be part of for 37 years. By incorporating bicycling into your life it is a wonderful way to improve your health and mental well-being while training for a cause that helps our own who are less fortunate. The Helen David Relief Fund is truly a charitable foundation for bartenders by bartenders (And fans of bartenders!).”

“So if you ride, dust off your bike and pump up your tires. If you don’t there is still plenty of time to prepare, invest in a bike and invest in yourself! If you still feel you’re not up for the challenge this year you can still donate, encourage friends and colleagues to donate, and join us after the ride to celebrate and share a Negroni or two!”

–Tony Abou-Ganim

About Negroni Week

Part international Negroni festival, part fundraiser, Negroni Week is a collaboration between Imbibe Magazine and Campari as a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails, and an effort to raise money for charities around the world. Since 2013, Negroni Week has raised nearly $900,000 for charitable causes from over 6,000 participating bars and venues from around the world. This year’s event will run from June 5-11.

For more details on Negroni Week, check out their official website.


Feature photo: Balthazar Media

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