husky vodkaThe Husky Vodka bottle is embossed with a paw print, and the label states “distilled and bottle in Siberia.” That’s a quick way to garner attention, and it worked on us. Because while we’ve had plenty of Russian vodkas, we’ve yet to sample one actually produced in the cold expanse of Siberia.

Husky is a grain vodka that’s distilled five times and cut with underground spring water. The company uses a cold filtration process, and in theory, a lower temperature means more impurities are absorbed by the filter. The result should be a clean, pure product.

On the nose, Husky Vodka is mostly neutral, with some mild grain notes and ethanol. Take a sip, and things get sweeter (predominately vanilla) but the mouthfeel is raw and a little harsh. It’s not a particularly smooth and creamy vodka, which hurts its candidacy as a sipping spirit. That said, the grain backbone comes on strong toward the end, which means Husky should stand up well in cocktails. It finishes with a lingering dry, earthy note.

Husky Vodka is a fairly straightforward vodka. It doesn’t vary much from its grain base, and while the vanilla is mildly present, we’d have liked to see more in the way of actual flavor. Overall, it’s a perfectly acceptable mixing vodka, but for the price tag, you could do better.

– 40% ABV
– $23.99

CE Rating: ★★

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