It’s an exciting time to be a drinker! We’re lucky enough to live in an era where ingredients, flavors, techniques and creativity have become essential staples of a quality consumer experience, and the number of amazing options to choose from seem endless.

The world has had a taste of better drinking and, in our opinion, it’s never going back to the days of soda guns and bad sour mixes. The cocktail movement is no longer a phenomenon solely of urban meccas, and awareness of cocktail culture is exploding worldwide. As more and more people go online to find inspiration, share recipes, learn techniques, research spirits, and seek out like-minded enthusiasts, Bevvy intends to be there to help. Here’s a few updates we’d like to share on how we’re doing that:

New Home Page

We’ve overhauled our home page and placed search front and center, to get you to what you’re looking for faster. You can now easily search all of Bevvy or by specific sections, because the quicker you find what you’re looking for, the quicker you can get to raising a glass.

New Featured Collections

Collections are a fun and easy way to group any combination of cocktails and spirits together, and now you can quickly find inspiring and noteworthy collections in our Featured Collections section. Take a gander through Kevin Gray’s selection of Vermouth Cocktails, discover the most expensive whiskeys in the world (and what they cost), check out Cannella Cinnamon Cordial’s array of signature cocktails, and more.

Give it a go and let us know what creative collections you come up with!

New, Easier Sign-In and Sign-Up via Facebook Login

New and existing users can now leverage their Facebook identity to sign-in to Bevvy faster. Easily control what you wish to share or not share with Facebook’s advanced privacy controls.

Improved Search Results Page

We’ve cleaned up our search results page to be easier to view, and to get you to the content you’re looking for faster. You can filter your searches within specific categories, or go broad across all of Bevvy.

Improved Profile Pages

Easily track and share your drinking history and content contributions on your newly improved profile pages. The design has been updated to be cleaner and easier to navigate, and your activity feed is now front and center.

Streamlined Dashboard

The dashboard is how Bevvy users keep up with one other, and we’ve streamlined this experience to put most important thing front and center: your updates.

More Spirits Added

We launched Bevvy Spirits—a new way to help you discover 700 amazing spirit products—five months ago on National Repeal Day. Since then, many additional spirits have been added to our catalog, and we continue to curate and add new products weekly.

If you’re finding some of your favorite spirits still missing, please feel free to let us know and we’ll fast-track them.

As we’ve mentioned before, our goal is to catalog every legally-recognized spirit on Earth—and if Elon Musk has his way, on Mars and beyond.

Announcing the Bevvy Experts Network

We’re in the early stages of building out a network of recognized experts and professionals—people who are dedicated to their craft and continue to champion the development of cocktails and spirits. These experts were all excited at the opportunity to share their recipes, spirit reviews, tips and tricks, insights, and more with Bevvy’s growing community, all in the spirit of helping the world drink better.

You may have seen hints of this around Bevvy already, and today we’re excited to announce the experts that will be kicking things off with us:

Announcing Embeddable Widgets

Coming soon is the ability to take Bevvy content with you around the web. Easily use Bevvy’s platform to manage your recipes and compile custom collections, and display those right back on your own website by simply copying and pasting a small snippet of code.

Compatible with Wordpress, Squarespace, and any other platform capable of supporting javascript- and iframe-based widget technology (which should be most platforms). We’re currently testing this with a few key partners, and we’ll be announcing more features soon.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood Bevvy Goes to Tales

This year, we’re making the pilgrimage to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, and we’re looking forward to bending elbows with many of you spirited folks. We’re well-prepared (famous last words), as we’ve been hydrating since January, and will be there the entire week. We’re bringing lots of Bevvy swag to give away, so look for us in our bright blue Bevvy tees.

bevvy tees

As I said before, it’s an exciting time to be a drinker. If you haven’t already, join us in our mission to connect the world to better drinking by signing up!

Love and cheers,

The Bevvy Crew

Photo: The Cosmopolitan via Flickr


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