Last week we promised some Louis XIII news, and here it is. Remy Martin has just launched Le Jeroboam, a new expression of its Louis XIII cognac. It’s contained in an impressive crystal decanter, as seen above, which holds a whopping 3 liters of Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac.

Fashioned by a team of crystal craftsman, the decanters are available in very limited quantity, with about 100 produced in the first year. Each decanter features five kilos of crystal, and the neck is adorned with 24-carat gold. In you find yourself with some extra cash lying around, a bottle of Louis XIII Le Jeroboam will set you back nearly $23,000.

So how does it taste? Very good. Our sample is rich and luxurious, with aromas of fruits, flowers and spices and deep flavors of honey and more fruit.

For more info on the launch, check out And click below for more photos of Louis XIII Le Jeroboam.

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