jack daniel's single barrelJack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey is part of the Jack Daniel’s lineup that also includes the ubiquitous black-labeled Old No. 7 and Gentleman Jack. As the name implies, the Single Barrel expression is whiskey that was aged in one barrel and then bottled, without first being blended with other barrels for consistency. As a result, your bottle may vary in flavor and character from my bottle.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel starts with the regular Jack recipe, drawing its unique flavor from where and how it’s aged. The Single Barrel is stored on the highest racks of the rickhouse, which causes the whiskey to endure more extreme temperatures and results in more intense maturation. Add that to the higher proof – 94 instead of 80 – and the Single Barrel is strikingly different than Old No. 7.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey is a deep amber color and has aromas of toasted vanilla and oak. Flavors include more of that vanilla, plus some creamy caramel, cooked fruit and a slight peppery note. It’s full and round on the palate. On the finish, it moves toward a powerful, oaky dryness with lasting heat.

For cocktails, the Single Barrel makes a solid Old Fashioned. The addition of Urban Moonshine’s maple bitters was a nice touch, complementing the whiskey’s strong oak notes.

— 47% Alcohol by Volume
— $40

CE Rating: ★★★★

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  • M Rogas says:

    My husband drinks Jack Daniels Single Barrel. How do you think Blanton’s Single Barrel compares? We are going on a cruise that features Blanton’s SB in a premium beverage package. They do not carry JDSB and I am trying to decide if buying the package would be worth it for him.

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