jim beam devil's cutJim Beam Devil’s Cut is a new bourbon created by extracting the liquid that’s trapped inside the wood of bourbon barrels during the aging process. Rather that losing this flavor-packed liquid to the barrel, Jim Beam adds it back into a 90 proof six year old bourbon to create Devil’s Cut.

The company doesn’t state how much of the final product is composed of bourbon that was originally trapped in wood. And it’s interesting that this liquid is added to a new six year old expression of Jim Beam, rather than a standard bottling like the Beam white or black label. Either way, the result is a smoother, softer bourbon that white label Beam, and though woodier, it’s less intense than other extra-oaked bourbons.

On the nose, Devil’s Cut has deep notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Take a sip and find that extra wood – oaky vanilla, caramel, honey and more cinnamon spice. It’s pretty tame on the palate for a woody, 90 proof whiskey, and it finishes warm and mellow.

Devil’s Cut shows less complexity than I imagined it would, but that’s not a knock against the whiskey. It remains balanced and flavorful and captures the traditional bourbon qualities that too much wood can sometimes overwhelm. Its robust yet user-friendly flavor profile and fairly modest price point make Devil’s Cut an accessible bottle for Beam enthusiasts.

– 45% Alcohol by Volume
– $23.99


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  • Some cocktails actually do quite well with this type of whiskey. Like a real old-fashioned, Remember the Maine, or a Blackthorn?

  • Big J says:

    I agree that it is a neat, on the rocks, or not at all whiskey. I enjoy it. I found it to be fairly smooth with the heavy flavors. Almost smooth enough to always be served neat, definatly great chilled or on the rocks.

  • Travis – yeah, this is a pretty divisive whiskey. I like the extra oak, but many find it overwhelming. It definitely walks the line of too woody, but it works for me. That said, it’s nearly impossible to use in cocktails. Drink it straight or not at all.

  • Travis says:

    That was a very diplomatic review. As part of the Bardstown Bourbon Society, I remember taking a survey where I voted on the name of this new bourbon. Seemed like a real novelty extracting the bourbon from the wood. I just tied it for the first time. It’s really just heavy and ugly. Not reccomeded.

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  • I can’t wait to try this at the Tales of the Cocktail!

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