jim beam jacob's ghost white whiskeyToday Jim Beam officially launched its new Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey. If you follow the industry at all, this isn’t a surprise, as the new product was announced months ago. But now it’s hitting store shelves. We’ll post our full review soon, but in the meantime, we’ve got some news and notes below.

Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost was created to celebrate the spirit of its founding distiller, Jacob Beam. It’s essentially a tweaked recreation of the white whiskey that he first distilled more than two hundred years ago. And while most white whiskeys are unaged spirits, Jacob’s Ghost is actually aged for one year in oak before being filtered to remove the color.

From Jim Beam —

“Jacob’s Ghost is an 80-proof white whiskey that elicits the wood-influenced flavors and hues of a traditional bourbon but offers a lighter body and more adaptable character. Unlike some of the un-aged moonshines and white dogs out there, this unique, hybrid spirit is versatile in a way that traditional whiskeys aren’t.”

Building on that, Beam suggests consumers try Jacob’s Ghost in cocktails that typically call for vodka, tequila and rum, like Cosmos and Bloody Marys. The whiskey will offer a new flavor profile for drinkers of white spirits without moving too far outside their comfort zone.

If you’d like to sample some for yourself, Jacob’s Ghost is now available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $21.99. Which is substantially cheaper than Jack Daniel’s foray into the category — Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye.

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