jura prophecy scotch whiskyJura Prophecy is one of the newer scotch whisky offerings from the Isle of Jura Distillery and a recent addition to the U.S. market.  Jura falls under the Glasgow-based distiller, Whyte and Mackay, which also produces the Dalmore lineup.

This heavily-peated single malt is bottled without chill filtration, which preserves more of the original spirit’s texture and character. Chill filtering removes some residue from whisky, mostly for cosmetic reasons, so Jura Prophecy retains some haze in its appearance.

On the nose, the rich amber whisky smells of subtle peat smoke, which gives way to soft fruit and sherry notes, plus some baking spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg.  Drink some down and you’ll taste sweet smoke, more spice notes and a bit of salt.  Jura Prophecy finishes long and dry, with some mouth-gripping bonfire smokiness.

Overall, Jura Prophecy is a quality whisky and a great introduction to peated single malts. It’s less intense than its Islay counterparts, but still bursting with flavor.  The contrast between sweet, smoke and spice creates a complexity worth exploring frequently.

– 46% Alcohol by Volume
– $50 – $60


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