It’s official. I love Kentucky. In the six hours since my plane landed in Louisville I’ve become a Kentucky convert. An ambassador of southern hospitality and easy living.  After making my way to Bardstown, KY, my home base for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, I drank Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark at my hotel with some friendly journalists, drank rare bourbon with The Colonel at the historic Chapeze House, and was encouraged to order Goulash by a Bosnian waitress at Kreso’s Restaurant in downtown Bardstown.

To say that Bardstown, KY has exceeded my expectations is an understatement, and also an admission of my ignorance. Beyond perfunctory hospitality, food and drink, Bardstown has charmed me with people and stories of a state rooted in American entrepreneurship, independence, and above all, tradition (plus an insatiable thirst for bourbon).

Granted, it’s only day one of my trip, but if today is any indication of things to come, the remainder of my stay in Kentucky should be a good one.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

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