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knob creek smoked mapleKnob Creek has a good thing going for it with three successful and critically acclaimed whiskeys — a bourbon, a single barrel bourbon and a rye. So it came as a surprise when Knob Creek announced that a flavored whiskey, Knob Creek Smoked Maple, will be entering their lineup this fall. Not much is known yet about this product, but with the flavored whiskey marketplace growing at a rapid rate — and the Jim Beam family already offering a handful of flavored whiskeys — perhaps it was inevitable.

Whether this is a bold business decision, a mildly interesting line extension or an utter catastrophe and a slap in the face to Knob Creek loyalists depends on who you ask. But we’re hoping the Knob Creek legacy remains firmly in tact. Some early anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s actually quite tasty, so we look forward to our first sip. But after the tragedy that is the recently-released Crown Royal Maple, one can’t help but be suspicious.

From Knob Creek —

When Booker wasn’t tinkering with bourbon, he was making things that tasted better with bourbon. Hell, he actually tapped trees to craft his own maple syrup and even built a smoke house big enough to feed all of Clermont.

This unrelenting quest for big flavors is what inspired us to do some experimenting ourselves. And lo and behold, we found that his favorite flavors work wonders together.

So, we’re proud to let you know that this fall we’ll be introducing Knob Creek Smoked Maple. Adhering to our bold tradition, Smoked Maple is crafted using the unmistakable big, full flavor of Knob Creek Bourbon, balanced with notes of rich maple and delicate smoke.

We’ll keep you posted as more info is released. And if you’re one of the few who’s sampled the stuff, please weigh in.

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  • Kimberly Patton-Bragg says:

    Save your money and your reputation by not going down this disgusting road. Cheapens your brand. Sacrilege. I don’t want American whiskey to go down the road that vodka has with it’s froot loop and peanut butter and jelly flavors. It’s just gross.

    • bill says:

      How pathetic is Beam Global getting? You are following the lead of a cinnamon flavored whiskey that is actually a liqueur..sad and pathetic..time to cash out CEO..ruin something else just for the money. Drive the new stock as high as you can.. fill the pipeline with garbage…and fart through you sell off like every other American company.

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