laphroaig triple woodLaphroaig Triple Wood is the Scotch whisky maker’s latest expression, just released three weeks ago into the U.S. market after two years of availability in duty free shops.

Triple Wood gains its name from its maturation process, in which the whisky is aged in three kinds of casks. The first maturation is in American oak: ex-bourbon barrels just like other Laphroaig expressions. From there, the best of these barrels is transferred into quarter casks for a second maturation. Finally, the spirit moves to large Oloroso Sherry casks. It’s the mingling of these different woods that gives Triple Wood its unique flavor profile.

The bright gold whisky is sweet and gentle on the nose, with aromas of raisins and apricots merging with the peat smoke background. Take a sip and that peat smoke bursts through. It’s quickly tempered by some vanilla and Sherry notes, and it hints at citrus and spice. The finish is long, filling your mouth with sweet caramel, Sherry and oak.

Aging whiskies (and rums, too) in multiple types of wood is nothing new – and by itself is nothing special – as an overzealous process can overwhelm a good spirit with too much oak. But Laphroaig manages this feat with a gentle, well-balanced hand. The American oak and European oak presences are noticed throughout, without one overpowering the other. And the sweet and fruity Sherry notes play harmoniously with Laphroaig’s characteristically bold, in-your-face peat smoke. I’d say we have a winner.

– 48% Alcohol by Volume
– $60

CE Rating: ★★★★


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