little river gin

Little River Gin comes from California’s Humboldt Craft Spirits, the guys behind Blue Lake Vodka and Redwood Rye. The independently-owned distillery makes all of its products from scratch, by hand, one batch at a time, and from grains sourced throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Little River Gin is made from a base of the four-times-distilled, 100% barley Blue Lake Vodka, and is then distilled a fifth time after being infused with its mix of botanicals. Those botanicals are sourced from all over the world, and include Northern Italian juniper berries, Moroccan coriander and orris root, California lemons, Chinese licorice root and Indonesian black pepper.

The result is a mild gin with notes of soft juniper and juicy citrus on the nose, plus an undercurrent of sweetness. On the palate, things start out easy, with pleasant flavors of citrus and coriander, before moving to hints of cooling mint and pepper. It finishes soft and dry.

Little River Gin is a noticeable departure from London Dry style gins, opting for less of a juniper-forward flavor profile. But it’s still got plenty of structure to stand up nicely in Gin and Tonics, Martinis and other gin cocktails.

If you’d like to score a bottle for yourself, Little River Gin can be procured in select stores, bars and restaurants throughout Northern California or ordered online.

— 47% ABV
— $32

CE Rating: ★★★

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