milagro unico tequilaLast week, Milagro rolled through town. The contingent included founders Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi — plus the full line of Milagro Tequilas, including the newest release — Milagro Unico.

Milagro Unico was launched earlier this year. And as the name suggests, it’s quite unique. Sure the tower-like bottle stands out. And won’t fit on any back bar we’ve ever seen. But it’s what’s inside the bottle that really caught our attention. In part, because the spirit was produced in a micro distillery. And by micro, we literally mean micro. Milagro built a special small-scale distillery — what’s essentially a kitchen distillery — complete with mini brick ovens and fermentation tanks just to craft Unico’s small run of 1200 bottles.

But even more unique is the fact that Milagro Unico jams 14 kilograms of agave into each liter of tequila. In technical terms, that’s a sh*t load of agave. It’s meant to be their ultimate tribute to the tequila-yielding plant. And by using so much agave per bottle, they concentrate tons of that agave flavor into Unico. That agave-forward base is then blended with portions of each of Milagros reserve tequilas, and then rested for 30 days. From there, the liquid undergoes a special filtering and oxygenation process to enhance the blend and remove its color. So you’re left with a totally clear spirit.

And how does it taste? Pretty good. The intense agave is balanced nicely by caramel and vanilla flavors imparted by both the reserve tequilas and the barrel aging. It’s the definition of sipping tequila. Partly because it’s incredibly smooth and flavorful. But also because it’s $300 per bottle.

If you’re an aficionado of agave, try to find a bottle. Just know that, after last week’s meeting, bottle 158 is all gone.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $300

CE Rating: ★★★★


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  • Gena says:

    How does this compare to Deleon Diamante?

  • Cary says:

    This tequila sounds very unique. It is interesting they filter out all the color after they blend it with their reserve tequila. I hope to get an opportunity to taste it. Thanks for the information.

  • Mark J –

    The founders said it’s so people don’t have preconceptions before tasting the tequila. You might see a light amber color and think it should taste like a reposado or anejo. But in this case, the colorless tequila is a blank slate, so to speak.

  • Mark J says:

    I like Milagro. And I’m sure this stuff is great, but why do they filter it? What’s wrong with it having some color? is it just for aesthetics?

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